Way Guide

Ok. So how did you get here? I don’t mean here in your life. I mean here on this web page. Why did you get here? This page is not about financial education, or how to get wealthy or how to spend your money. There is Google for this and Bing for that. This is about the game. This is a guide, not the only guide for this game. The life game. This is about you taking action right now.

There are some prerequisites. You understand the Rule of Now. This is my premise. That you have some foundation beyond the financial issues we discuss here, so you can go about your actions without stress.

  • No one really knows why we are here. I don’t mean here on this website. I mean here in Life. But there is a game some people play wanting to convince you and as many people as possible, that they KNOW why you’re here!
  • There are multiple sub-games being played; financial, psychological, personal, social, control, influence, religion, political and so on. You may be a player in some, a bystander in others or you may be playing even if you don’t want to play or think you are playing. So just pick a game. If being good at the game is important to you, stick with the game. The longer you do, the better you get. But for some that will be boring. It’s ok to play another game or more than one game at a time.
  • There are no winners in this game. You’re not going to make it out alive. So if the game is just about you, is there a point? Maybe. This site is not for hermits.
  • You have a vision of life for you, your family, your community and your world. If you don’t, please leave now. Google “How To Form My Life Vision” for starters.
  • You have a consistent state of mind. You have the confidence and resolve to evaluate an issue and not hesitate to take action. If you don’t, please leave now. Google “How to build confidence,” on your way out.
  • You have a positive belief system intact and you are committed to that belief system. It doesn’t really matter what you believe. Just make sure you are not believing things that prevent you from taking action and preventing you or others from enjoying life. If you don’t, it’s alright, just leave now. Google, “Positive thinking, Positive Speech, Positive Action” then come back.
  • You have a strategy for the game of life.  That is you have at least one game you are playing. You are conscious of that game. If you don’t it’s alright. That’s way I hope you’re here; to learn another strategy and take action.

In this way-guide we focus on the Money Game. Whether you want to our not, our world is set up to force you to play the Money Game at some level.

What does money mean to you? Probably you think money gives you access to resources and money buys you comfort, happiness and freedom. Before we are born, those are the ground rules we inherit. The fact is, there is an abundance of resources and time to create from these resources. However, to set up the game, you have to restrict something to set up the competition. So we are taught we have to have essential things, be able to do fun things and even have luxury things.  You cannot enjoy life without things which take money so we are taught. So you must earn money, profit from money or earn interest from money in order to get through life. And then, somewhere along the way, we forget that we have all the things we need. Yet, this is not the end of the game. We still keep amassing more money. You see the game has a built in insecurity. You have to keep getting these essential things until you exit and we are discouraged from choosing our own exit, so instead we wait for the unexpected exit. So you have to keep amassing money so you can have essential things, maybe fun things and hopefully luxury things until you unexpectedly exit. For others, the game is who can amass the most money irrespective of their need for things. So you have to be always on the lookout for those who want to relieve you of your money. Yep, that’s the game. Certainly, it’s not the only game in town.  If this is not your game, now is a good time to push the “I’m Not Ready” button.

In simple terms, the game is to convince others to give you their money so you can enjoy life. To start off you inherit it or you earn it. In order to earn it, you must have some skill or knowledge THEY want. You may inherit some farm land. You may hone your muscles so you can  work in a dirty and dangerous mine so the owners profit handsomely while you EARN money to buy food, clothing, shelter and other essential things and so you can continue to help the owners profit. Maybe you save a little, invest a little despite this not being in the interest of your employer. Then, maybe one day, you can be the owner able to profit from your workers so you can really enjoy life; you can get those luxury things. Or they convince you to go into debt so you can have things. That’s when you really get tied into the game. You have to keep paying to pay off debts and avoid miserable consequences.

Not everyone makes it. Most people don’t. For most, the Dream vanishes as they exit.

You are either a benefactor of someone’s Money Game or you have to trade your time and knowledge for money. That’s where this guide comes into play.  Knowledge is free. Just Google or Bing it. Go to your public library or visit a university library. Time is free too. So to start off with, you don’t need to invest anything to position yourself to earn money. Alas, the Money Game has you convinced that you have to pay for a good education. So you go into debt. You’re hooked. But you get a good job and earn a good living. You just convinced someone to give you their money.

You Better Know With What You’re Dealing

Prerequisite #2: The Rule of Compounding. Don’t spend your money, compound it. Instead of spending your money you can put it to work to earn more money. Then this new money can be put to work to make even more money. The more cycles you can make your money work, the faster you earn money. You just compounded your money. This is one secret of our Money Game strategy. Yep. That’s the half of it.

Prerequisite #3: The Rule of 72. Because the future is uncertain, money now is more valuable than money in the future. If I ask you to give me $100 now and I will give it back to you in 30 days, how sure are you that I will give it back to you? No suppose I said I will pay you back in 30 years? In the Money Game we are taught that you should get some compensation for taking on this risk. In some circles they want you to charge interest. In other circles they want you to profit. It’s all the same. You’re going to get a return on your money that we can express as a percent of the money I got from you. So let’s say, I’m going to get $1000 from you and will pay you back in 12 months. You want to profit at least $120. This is arbitrary. It’s really about what things you want to be able to do in 12 months while I use your money now. As a percentage that’s 12% return or interest. If we keep up this little arrangement for several years with me asking to rollover my interest due, you would be compounding your investment. The Rule of 72 tells us when your money will double. If we take 72 divided by the rate of return, 12 we get 6. So in about 6 years instead of owing you $1000, I will owe you $2000. In another 6 years I will owe you $4000. Another 6 years, $8000 and so on. If I actually pay you back, you would be able to get $8000 worth of things in 18 years all from just investing $1000 now. The other half of the secret is how to calculate the effects of compounding and our delayed gratification.

So you read all this way, to find out the secret to the Money Game is all about compounding. I could have made you read more. Be happy.

Once you convince someone to give you their money. What do you do?





Get your stuff organized. Use Mint.com or something like that so you can see all your accounts, credit cards, loans and so on in one place.  Mint.Com will keep trying to extract money from you. Don’t give in. You only need two personal accounts; one for now things and one for future things. You need at least one business bank account for some enterprise you are trying to do so you can stop trading your time and knowledge for money. You only need two credit cards; one for now things and one for emergency things.



Set up automatic payment and transfers. Put all your income into your Now Things account. Automatically pay all those now things like credit card bills, cable tv, mobile phone bills and gasoline for your car. Automatically means that you put the money in and you don’t have to think about the bills getting paid. STOP now if you spend more than you make. Time for surgery. Cut your expense and earn more money.  Leave  20% of expenses as a cushion for mistakes. Transfer everything else to your Future Things Account. Your Future Things Account is a compounding account; it is an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Account designed to maximize cash value and minimize fees. Don’t take money from your Now Things Account to pay for Future Things like vacations or a big screen TV. Don’t do it. Just don’t do it.



Borrow from your Future Things Account when you want to do fun things, luxury things or investment things. Remember whatever you borrow will continue to earn compounded interest for you in the IUL; even while you use or invest it elsewhere. Your mind will be a peace allowing you to earn more money or create nifty ways of extracting money from people. Don’t borrow everything at once or you may run out of money to borrow.

Let’s look at the details here.